Welcome to Goughs
Bay Caravan park

These guidelines are in place to ensure everyone has an enjoyable stay. While you’re here, why not learn to horseback ride, enjoy a game of golf, try your hand at some fishing, tennis, water skiing, mountain biking, explore the gold mine ruins at Sheepyard Flat or even go abseiling outdoors.

For those of you who still want great time but may not be as sports oriented don’t worry, we have some great ideas for you too. Consider visiting the Jamison Courthouse Museum, check out the local artist and their incredible painting and sculpting, or visit the zoo and see all the incredible animals. Whatever you enjoy doing there are near endless choices here to consider to fill up your day so why not come on down and take advantage of some of the wonderful features that Goughs Bay caravan park has to offer.

Arrivals and Departures

It is customary to arrive between 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm where possible and check out by 10.00 am.

*Times may be flexible by prior arrangement.

Pet friendly

Pets must be controlled at all times.

All pets are welcome and although we are a proudly one of the few dog friendly caravan parks Victoria has to offer, we require that you keep your pets under control at all times.


- Strictly 5 kph.

- Walking speed.

Remember there are children at play.

Motor Bikes

Unregistered or unlicensed motor bikes are not permitted to be ridden in the park at any time. Registered bikes may only be ridden between your site and the entry/exit with strict adherence to the speed limit. For the safety of all our clients and visitors we can only allow motor bikes that are registered to its owner and the speed limit of 5 kph must be strictly adhered to at all times.


Day visitors are welcome but must leave the park by 10.00 pm.
Visitors vehicles must be parked outside the park.
You’re more than welcome to invite visitors to spend time with you during the day however, we do require that they leave the park before ten in the evening otherwise they will then be considered overnight guest required to pay the appropriate fees.


Vehicles, trailers and personal property are left in the park at owners risk.
No responsibility will be taken for damage or loss of tenants or visitor property while in the park. We ask that you take precautions to ensure that any personal property is carefully secured to avoid loss or damage.