Lake Eildon Is A
Perfect Place
For Water Lovers

Lake Eildon is situated in Lake Eildon National Park, in Victoria’s north east high country. The lake itself is The largest man made inland water way in Victoria with over 515 kilometres of shoreline, and more than six times the amount of water contained in Sydney Harbor. As a large lake with diverse amenities, Lake Eildon caravan park provides lots of options for passing your time and enjoying your vacation. Fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, sailing, swimming, house boating, speed boating, jet skiing, and bike riding are all at your fingertips.

Lake Eildon Fishing Victoria

Fishing is a popular activity at Goughs Bay. Anglers will find a variety of fish here, including the great tasting Redfin, Golden perch (Yellow Belly) up to 8kg’s, and the magnificent Murray cod up to the magic metre plus sizes. However, the area is best known for its availability of brown and rainbow trout with regular reports of Browns in excess of the 10 pound mark. Ask the staff at Goughs Bay Caravan Park about the best fishing spots on the lake and in surrounding rivers and choose from our selection of tackle to enhance your chances.

Lake Eildon Water Sports

For more adventurous travellers, the lake is well-suited to a variety of water sports, including water skiing, wake boarding, and jet skiing. The large surface area of the lake and because there are no currents or under tows it is ideal for being adventurous on skis or boards. Follow us on twitter for Lake Eildon Water Level and Weather reports.

Lake Eildon Water Level

Swimming in the cool waters is a classic activity here. There are good areas for swimming, which are appropriate for families and swimmers of a wide range of abilities. With no currents swimming is a relatively safe and enjoyable pastime however be mindful of boats, driving at different speeds and the depth of the water can vary dramatically – don’t jump in until you have tested it.

Lake Eildon Sailing Victoria

Goughs Bay offers opportunities for practically every type of boating. Sailing, kayaking or paddling in canoes are popular activities, Speed boating is also popular in this area. Goughs Bay is home to the only concrete boat ramp on Lake Eildon that services down to 10% capacity.

Lake Eildon Land Activities

Not all activities at Lake Eildon are about enjoying the water. For those who would like to stay dry, there are many opportunities for bush-walking and mountain bike riding. The neighbouring national park offers a vast trail system for hikers and cyclists. As well as Trail bike and 4wd trails in the surrounding mountains

If you are choosing a vacation destination or a weekend getaway in Victoria, you have many attractive options. For water and land-based fun of all types, Goughs Bay caravan park on Lake Eildon might be a great choice. The wide range of activities it offers might make it perfect for your family.